December 6th, 2006


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Everyone I work with eats meat, and I've been wanting to introduce them to the vegetarian lifestyle.
We just picked names for our secret santas, and I decided this would be the perfect opportunity.
I want to make a small vegetarian cookbook, and would like some ideas on recipes.
The problem is that I don't know if I should include things like tofu or soy that they would be less likely to try out.
Anyone have any simple yet interesting recipes a meat eater would be inclined to try and enjoy?
Superman & Louis Lane

Get this...

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Read what some guy from the meat industry (or representing it) said about Mark's actions down the bottom of the cut. 'Biohazard'? What a joke! This raid was held in south australia in early november (I think) with the media tagging along...

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I saw a thing on Penn and Teller's Bullshit that was anti-vegetarianism. grrr. anyway, it brought something to light.

1. people hate the contrast between the holocaust and animal slaughter. how do you feel about this?
i feel like it is a fine comparison. 6million people were killed in WWII, yet million and millions of pigs alone are killed annually not to mention the millions of cows, sheep, chickens etc.

2. and this is the one that most grates on my nerves. animal experimentation.
people think it's ok to harm animals if it brings about medical enlightenment etc.
yet hitler did the same thing, but on humans, yet we dont see the holocaust as fine and dandy because it brought us medical advances.

what say you?