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Typical new member post :)

Hi!  After far too long off of the veggie-bandwagon, I am hopping back on and taking my household with me.  (Hopefully this will be healthier, more economically friendly, and easier on time, since I don't have to cook two meals for every meal)  Anywhoo, I just wanted to say Hi!, recommend a book (Compassion: the Ultimate Ethic by Victoria Moran, which is what convinced me I just had to start again and is an interesting read either way) and ask if anyone has recommendations for appeasing the natives with veggie dishes...namely, do any of you use any recipes that are easy, cost efficient, and that are sooo close to those nasty meaty meals that other people don't even notice the lack of meat in them? Note: I am doing the ovo-lacto-tarian least for now.

Also, possibly an odd question...I have seen a number of posts and heard stories from people who have been veg for a while and find that if they do get some meat somehow that they become ill because of it.  Is this psychosomatic, or does your body actually stop processing animal products?  I ask because my fiance will be eating the meals I am cooking here at home but considers himself, at best, an 'involuntary selectarian' (or, as he words it, "If you really want long as it tastes good..." :-P) and would still want to order meat dishes at restaurants or have meat when we visit family for dinner or whatever.  If he goes "too long" on the veggie diet, will he then get sick doing that?

Thank you in advance!
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