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For the Animals, For the Earth, For Ourselves.

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The Vegetarian Community
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This community was originally created as a place for vegetarians, vegans, and friends of veg*ns to come together in support of vegetarianism and vegetarian food. Civil behavior and on-topic posting are very important in maintaining a kind, supportive atmosphere. We're striving to have a stronger moderation presence than in the past, but most importantly, we wish for members to moderate their own behavior.

Problems? Please post at vegetarianmods.


  • Golden Rule - It should go without saying that treating others with courtesy is a rule of this community. Breaking any of the rules including those outlined below, will result in a "strike" against you. We have a three-strike rule; each strike will be recorded at our moderation community, vegetarianmods. Your third strike results in banning from the community.

  • vegetarian is Drama-Free - The most important part in maintaining this community in a drama- and harassment-free manner is you. If you see someone acting out of line, please report it *WITH A LINK* to the maintainers of the community. We all have lives too, and while we strive to keep up with the community, we can't address an issue we don't know about. You can do this via email, messaging through LJ, or by posting on this community: vegetarianmods. If you'd like, you're welcome to add this community to your watch list.

  • On-Topic Posting - This is a community for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone who is just interested in the meat-free or meat-reduced lifestyle! Please try to keep posts on-topic to vegetarian-related issues. Though we welcome omnivores and other non-vegetarians, topics should relate to vegetarianism. Please try to use both specific and general tags for your entries as this will allow us to find them later. Currently, posts are moderated; off-topic posts will not be approved. There is a separate community, vegetarian_chat, for general discussions; feel free to discuss anything and everything there! :)

  • No Gory or Graphic Images - They are highly disturbing to a lot of people, and you're preaching to the choir anyway. If you need to post a link to something like a disturbing picture, use the appropriate tag and clearly label it so people know what they are in for if they click. Or better yet, just make a text link to the image, clearly describing what to expect if clicked.

  • Be Polite in Commenting - This relates to our Golden Rule above. Also, please do not post with comments turned off, delete or screen other peoples' comments, or delete your own comments.

  • Lengthy Posts - Put long posts behind an LJ cut.

  • Spelling and Grammar – Please use proper spelling and grammar. While mistakes and typos do happen, purposely speaking "liek thiz!!1" will result in a warning. Non-native English speakers are encouraged to do their best!

  • Discussions and Opinion Posts - While we welcome discussions about vegan issues and animal rights, there are some things that will not be tolerated at all, including: accusations, harassment, or attacks against other members for their dietary choices. This is a community where vegetarians of all degrees can come to find like-minded friends; find support, share, and learn; feel free from attacks about our choices; and come with questions without feeling attacked.

  • Omnivores, Pollotarians, and Pescetarians - As we are a veg*n community, we also ask that you do not post anything that pertains to meat, including but not limited to recipes that include meat and questions on how to cook meat. Using one of the above labels will suffice in alerting us as to what kind of meat, if any, you still eat. Mentioning how to adapt veggie meals for omni households/etc, however, is permissible. Also, eating fish and poultry is not generally considered vegetarian, so please identify yourself correctly. Those who only eat chicken are referred to as pollotarians, and those who only eat fish are pescetarians. This issue has been highly controversial in the past, so using proper terminology will aid in avoiding more conflict.

  • Promo! - Advertisements will be kept to a minimum. If you would like to advertise your veg*n-related community, blog, website, project, store, and so forth in vegetarian, please submit a request to the mod team at their moderation community, vegetarianmods, with the full post you plan to submit. All advertisements must be related to veg*nism, and all that are extensively long or that contain large graphics must be put under a cut after the first paragraph in order to be approved.

  • Enjoy! - We hope to be a community that fosters friendships and deliciousness, and we appreciate your contributions! Please feel free to comment, post, and participate as much as possible.

  • Try the Vegetarian Wiki and Vegan Cuisine Wiki for many frequently asked questions and great information.

    "What does 'veg*n' mean"?
    This is actually a catch-all term that includes vegetarian and vegan. The asterisk is a wildcard symbol -- computer terminology for a symbol that can stand for one or many characters. In this community, it is used as a shorter way of saying "vegan and/or vegetarian".

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